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The hard-working men and women that are making things happen and moving our community forward need to feel like our government will have their back. Like you, I feel blessed to live in Idaho and want to see the changes that will put our children, our community, our farms, and our property first. I want to PUT IDAHO FIRST!

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Jared Allen

Kelly Tuttle

Nathan Brewster

Brad LaPray

Neal Russell

Matt Elison

Dr. Jay Ellis

Lois Murphy

Denise Tuttle

Michelle Elison

Anne York

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Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott

Veteran Teacher

I’m supporting Kevin because he will be an advocate for students and teachers, ensuring a strong future for Idaho’s Public Schools and Universities.

Senator Dean Mortimer

Senator Dean Mortimer

Idaho State Senate

To be an effective senator, one must put his constitutes above politics, personalities, and personal interests.  Without question, Kevin is best suited for the job.  He cares about people and wants to help improve their lives.

Alan L. Reed

Alan L. Reed

Reed's Dairy, Inc.

In the years I have known Kevin, I am always impressed by his leadership ability and his talent to communicate with others; allowing important things to be accomplished during challenging times. Due to his strong, yet humble leadership ability, he will be very successful in the Senate.  He has my full support and confidence.

 Kent & Ingrid Lott

Kent & Ingrid Lott

Royal Theaters

We have known Kevin Cook for several years, first as a supporter of our business, Royal Theaters (Paramount Theater, Center Theater & Blackfoot Movie Mill) and then working together in a leadership capacity. Kevin is honest, real, kindhearted and does not have a selfish bone in his body. We have seen him step out of his way to do what was right and to lift and help all of us around him. Kevin will make sure our needs as voters, are met.

Senator Brent Hill

Senator Brent Hill

President Pro Tem

Kevin Cook is the right candidate to represent the people of Bonneville County in the Idaho State Senate. His remarkable abilities, experience, and commitment to sound principles will make him immediately successful as a legislative leader. I have great respect for Kevin and look forward to him serving us all in the Idaho Senate.

Roger Christensen

Roger Christensen

Commissioner - Bonneville County

I am endorsing Republican candidate Kevin Cook for Senate Seat 30 in the Idaho State Legislature. Kevin is one of two candidates running for the seat.

I have had the opportunity to meet with Kevin, he understands the issues facing our constitutes and brings the temperament needed to serve as our Senator.

His passion is education, he helps students read weekly and is committed to ensuring all students have what is necessary to achieve their potential.

He knows that the government works best when it stays local, and he will listen to locally elected officials.

I ask you to join me in supporting Kevin Cook for Senate Seat 30.