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Meet Kevin Cook

And the Cook Family

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Picture of Kevin and Cheri Cook
Kevin and Cheri Cook

Kevin is a conservative Republican. He grew up on a farm where he learned how to work hard during the week and enjoy the great outdoors – hunting, fishing, and hiking – on the weekends. After high school graduation, he earned a Computer Science degree from Weber State University. While at Weber State, Kevin met and married Cheri. They have been married for 31 years. Kevin and his family have lived in Bonneville county for 21 years. They have four children and three grandchildren. Kevin owned and operated a successful small business. He is currently employed at the Idaho National Laboratory as a Software Engineer. Kevin’s career has given him vast experience in listening to complex situations and resolving problems. He will use his breadth of experience to achieve successful outcomes to the challenges faced in Bonneville County while representing District 32 in the Idaho Senate.

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in politics. I have a great love for our community and believe we need a dedicated, hard-working and committed person in Boise to serve the interests of Eastern Idaho. I am that person. I am an advocate for greater educational opportunities for Idaho’s students, greater international exposure for Idaho’s farm products and responsible government spending in an era of great population growth in the state. I believe I have the necessary experience, drive and dedication to serve the diverse interests of District 32.

The Cook Family


Increased exposure for Idaho’s farm products.

I have the backing of Idaho’s most respected farming organization, the Idaho Farm Bureau.


I am endorsed by the most respected pro-life organization in the state, Idaho Chooses life.
Kevin Cook's Put Idaho First Campaign Logo

Responsible government spending

Locally controlled tax relief.

Continued Protection of 2nd Amendment rights.

I want to ensure students have the tools necessary to be prepared for an increasingly competitive job market. I support the ability our students have to earn college credits while in high school and will support these accomplishments and look for and listen to other educational opportunities.

Watch Kevin’s Videos on Education

I believe that life begins at conception and that new life is sacred. I am endorsed by the most respected pro-life organization in the state, Idaho Chooses life.
As a homeowner, I understand the burden of ever-increasing property taxes. I feel there is a solution to our property tax burdens and I am dedicated to finding it.
Small businesses are the lifeblood of Idaho. I will work to keep government regulation minimized to help business flourish.
Agriculture is a major contributor to the economics of Idaho. I want to further international exposure for Idaho’s farm products. The proper management of our surface water and aquifer is crucial. I have the backing of Idaho’s most respected farming organization, the Idaho Farm Bureau
I believe in limiting the growth of government and only passing laws and creating new regulations when absolutely necessary.  I believe the free market thrives when governments reduce regulations and allow entrepreneurs to implement the accepted principles of capitalism.
As a gun owner, I have and will strongly defend the 2nd Amendment. I am also a member of the National Rifle Association.

Testimonials from Supporters

Jared Allen

Kelly Tuttle

Nathan Brewster

Brad LaPray

Neil Russel

Matt Elison

Dr. Jay Ellis

Lois Murphy

Denise Tuttle

Michelle Elison

Anne York

Testimonials Shared on Social Media

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Additional Testimonials Shared by Our Supporters

Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott

Veteran Teacher

I’m supporting Kevin because he will be an advocate for students and teachers, ensuring a strong future for Idaho’s Public Schools and Universities.
Senator Dean Mortimer

Senator Dean Mortimer

Idaho State Senate

To be an effective senator, one must put his constitutes above politics, personalities, and personal interests.  Without question, Kevin is best suited for the job.  He cares about people and wants to help improve their lives.
Alan L. Reed

Alan L. Reed

Reed's Dairy, Inc.

In the years I have known Kevin, I am always impressed by his leadership ability and his talent to communicate with others; allowing important things to be accomplished during challenging times. Due to his strong, yet humble leadership ability, he will be very successful in the Senate.  He has my full support and confidence.
 Kent & Ingrid Lott

Kent & Ingrid Lott

Royal Theaters

We have known Kevin Cook for several years, first as a supporter of our business, Royal Theaters (Paramount Theater, Center Theater & Blackfoot Movie Mill) and then working together in a leadership capacity. Kevin is honest, real, kindhearted and does not have a selfish bone in his body. We have seen him step out of his way to do what was right and to lift and help all of us around him. Kevin will make sure our needs as voters, are met.
Reece & Chris Christensen

Reece & Chris Christensen

“We came to know Kevin Cook through great friends of ours at a time of crisis in our friends lives. We saw first hand the kind of people Kevin and his wife Cheri are and their character never changes. As we watched how he and Cheri responded to support our friends we quickly saw that Kevin’s strong family values and integrity runs so deep. There is no doubt where he stands. He stands for truth, he is a true friend, and he will work tirelessly for people who need help.

We want and need great men and women in the leadership roles of our state who can be counted upon in times of prosperity and times of trouble. There is not a doubt in our minds that we are in troubled times and we need leaders who will lead through thick and thin. We need leaders with the utmost integrity, who listen to the people they represent and who will try to find the right balance for the needs of our state and community. Kevin Cook is this person for the senate seat for District 30. He may not choose “my” side in every situation but he will consider it before making any decisions in the way he votes or responds in the senate.

If you want lip service, chose someone else. If you want commitment, hard work, integrity, and honor in action, then vote for Kevin Cook!”

Chris Chatterton

Chris Chatterton

“I have known Kevin Cook who is running for State Senate seat 32 in Bonneville county as a republican for several years. Oftentimes with Politicians, you are not sure what you are going to get after the election dust settles. I have no doubt what we will get when Kevin gets elected.

He is honest! What he says is what you are going to get.

He is a conservative Republican! Kevin’s life is based on what conservative Republican values stand for. That’s what I want in a State Senator. I have seen that it’s not just about talking points, it’s about his values. Yes to the 2nd amendment, pro-life, for less taxes, and yes he cares about school children.

I think he can make a difference in Boise! He works well with others. He spends time trying to understand the issues. I can’t believe how much of his time he has spent getting information and opinions from others and different groups for this election. I’d much rather have that than just listening to one group’s agenda.

The more I learn about him, the more I like about him as a person! I didn’t know he went to a local school and read with kids for several years. This wasn’t a PR stunt. It was long before his candidacy. Someone who cares about others children for no reason other than caring….Impressive.

I really can’t imagine how much someone must care about doing good to have their names, families, morals, ideals drug through the mud. Politics are a dirty business I guess, but Kevin has to care about his platform to stand up to the things being said. Lots of ½ truths, lots of innuendos, etc. He is still in this because he cares.

I trust him enough to vote for him. I would encourage you to do the same.”

Forrest Ihler

Forrest Ihler

“Growing up from a teenager to a young adult, Kevin Cook always displayed a great deal of leadership to me and my friends. He has always shown a great passion for not only this country but this state and most importantly, our local community. I know Kevin Cook loves this state and Eastern Idaho just as much as I do!

In this world of polar opposites, Kevin Cook always shows he can be the voice of reason and bring people together. From taking me and my friends to a local city council meeting for Boy Scouts to being a guiding voice as I make decisions in my young adult life, Kevin Cook always has shown to be a caring leader. That is why I endorse him for Idaho State Senate.”

Join Forrest and VOTE Kevin Cook for the Idaho State Senate.

M'Kay Wallace

M'Kay Wallace

“Picture being packed into Kevin’s truck with other young men one evening listening to Kevin tell us all how he was going to run for office one day. We didn’t think much of it then, we just played it off as another one of his jokes. Well, here we are today. It was no joke, and as many others have learned, Kevin Cook and has a deep love for Idaho and especially the Idaho Falls area and the issues we face today.

When you think of the someone you want representing you in Boise, Kevin is what should come to mind. Kevin has the integrity and honesty we need in office today. He is kind, smart, caring, dedicated, morally strong, loving, helpful and so much more. We need leaders in our government that we can count on. Kevin takes the time to understand every side of an issue and will take into consideration all aspects before making a final decision. If you want someone who stands for what is right and will fight for that than Kevin Cook is the clear choice. Kevin must be doing something right with all the support he has from fellow residents of Bonneville County. I am so happy I have had the opportunity to know Kevin and even happier that my wife Hillary and daughter have also had the privilege of having Kevin and his family in their lives. We are so excited we get to say We voted for Kevin Cook!”


 Bryan Glass

Bryan Glass

“This month one of the greatest heroes in my life is running for a Senate position in Idaho. Kevin Cook is truly the most honorable man I have ever met. I have spent a lot of time around Kevin and his family over the past 18 years. When I moved to Idaho at 7 years old he immediately welcomed me into the new neighborhood with open arms. I grew up with his children through social activities, schooling, scouting, and religious activities. I got to know Kevin on a very personal level and he remains to this day one of the most influential people in my life.

The amount of respect I have for this man is immeasurable. He is smart, kind, caring, virtuous, morally strong, brave, dedicated, loving, forgiving, helpful, and so much more. Thanks to Kevin Cook I was able to get my Eagle Scout award and he pushed me to always do my best.

Kevin Cook is an extremely busy person as he is always making sure he gives life a 110% effort but if I ever needed anything at all, he was a text or call away and he would do anything and everything to be with me in a time of need. I once even spent Thanksgiving with his family when my own family was out of town. His heart is true, his mind is full of excellence, his soul is pure, and I truly believe he is what America stands for. I love Kevin Cook as a friend, a leader, and a brother.

Thanks for everything you have done for me over the past two decades.”

Meet Our Supporters


Former Governor Butch Otter

Picture of Bonneville County Commissioner Roger Christensen

“Kevin Cook knows small business and the importance of the INL. Like me, he is a Republican conservative who knows that good education means good jobs.”

Butch Otter
Former Idaho Governor

Congressman Mike Simpson

“Wendy Horman for Idaho and Gary Marshall for Idaho are effective and practical lawmakers who understand the issues. KEVIN COOK  is the right man to join this formidable conservative team.”

Mike Simpson

Senator Dean Mortimer

Senator Dean Mortimer endorses Kevin Cook for the Idaho State Senate. Join Dean Mortimer with his 14 years of legislative experience in supporting Kevin Cook in the 2020 Idaho Primary Election.

Senator Brent Hill

“Kevin Cook is the right candidate to represent the people of Bonneville County in the Idaho State Senate. His remarkable abilities, experience, and commitment to sound principles will make him immediately successful as a legislative leader. I have great respect for Kevin and look forward to him serving us all in the Idaho Senate.”

Senator Brent Hill
President Pro Tem

Commissioner Roger Christensen

“I am endorsing Republican candidate Kevin Cook for Senate Seat 30 in the Idaho State Legislature. Kevin is one of two candidates running for the seat.

I have had the opportunity to meet with Kevin, he understands the issues facing our constituents and brings the temperament needed to serve as our Senator.

His passion is education, he helps students read weekly and is committed to ensuring all students have what is necessary to achieve their potential.

He knows that the government works best when it stays local, and he will listen to locally elected officials.

I ask you to join me in supporting Kevin Cook for Senate Seat 30.”

Roger Christensen
Bonneville County Commissioner

Senator Chuck Winder

“I support Kevin Cook as Dean Mortimer’s replacement.”

Chuck Winder
Senate Majority Leader

We Love Idaho!

I decided to run for office because of my love for Idaho and the Constitution. I want to give Idaho businesses and families the power to stand up for what is right without fear of consequences. We have a lot of work ahead of us to battle against some very hard opposition. And we need your help!

I Invite You to Join Our Movement

Together we can PUT IDAHO FIRST where your voice, and the voice of your neighbor, will be heard in Boise.

Shotgun On A Flag

The Second Amendment

I will stand tall and I will be heard when it comes to the defense of the second amendment. I will fight for the right of every law-abiding American to own and bear a firearm.

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